Our Story

Mark is a native of the Ozarks and his interest in photography began when he was in his teens. He received a Kodak 35 mm Rangefinder as a gift, then enrolled in a class at Robert Johnsons School of Photography. He remembers the first time he saw an image develop in the dark room and describes it as magic.


Some of Mark’s early influences were Henri Carter-Bresson, Jay Maisel and Ansel Adams, whom he shares his birthday with. Early in Mark’s career he had a chance to work as an assistant for a local commercial photographer, Marsha Boone.


Mark began working in the lab at Lawrence Photo & Video in 1988 and became the lab manager in 1989. Over the years with Lawrence, he had the opportunity to develop/print the work of many local photographers. He gained insight on how to bring out the best in others work by using the right technique and materials. Now Mark has brought the skills and experience he gained from Lawrence to his new business, 417 Photo Works.


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